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Other services

We maintain constant availibility and flexibility when dealing with your needs. We offer many transport services going from small maintenance to handling works art.

élévateur dans le dépôt

From small domestic maintenance to office transfer, our teams are accustomed to handling fragile or voluminous objects and put their experience at your service.

Waste disposal
You require to empty your appartment, your cellar or your attic of cumbersome household equipment : we offer a rapid and efficient service which includes collecting the objects and transporting them to an appropriate waste-reception center that will sort and when possible recycle.

Works of Art
Moving and storing artwork is a particurly delicate operation that requires special attention. Our experience in handling, wrapping and storing artwork, will garantee you a safe quality service.

From simple rapid delivery to transport of voluminous objects, our delivery team will take your goods from « A » to « B » without harassing logistics. We collect and deliver to the destination of your choice from an individual, your home or larger areas.